Our Ludum Dare 39 Submission: Fizzle

Posted by Sondrian on 07/31/17 8:48 PM

Hey guys!

We just got done working on our eighth Ludum Dare game jam and man are we tired! But the jam went well and we are really happy with the results.

So allow us to introduce:

Play and Rate it now on LUDUM DARE

Download it now on ITCH.IO

Feel free to play and rate the game on Ludum Dare and let us know what you think! We appreciate it!

Want more?

If you liked the soundtrack, why not listen to it endlessly: Check it out on YOUTUBE

Why not adorn your desktop with this lovely background?

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Ludum Dare 38

Posted by fariel on 04/21/17 8:27 PM

Hey guys! We're here! We're ready! Let's do this!

For those of you that are new to this, Ludum Dare is a 72 hour game jam where those who join in are tasked with making a game. At the start of the jam participants are given a theme and then let loose upon the creative world to give it their all. 

We participate whenever we can.

This Ludum Dare is a little special. It's the 15th anniversary of Ludum Dare, and the 38th major event. You can follow our progress here on our website, and you can find out more about Ludum Dare at the links below:



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Posted by fariel on 03/05/17 3:40 PM

Hello everyone! We're very excited to finally show off our new website. With it, we launch our new Tutorials section. On this page we can showcase the things we learn as we continue our adventure through game development. It doesn't just stop at us, though. Anyone with an account can contribute tutorials as well! 

We are also very excited to confirm that work on Nomore has continued. We will be posting development updates as often as we can. 

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